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Lifeline of Care: Advanced Dialysis Services

At JP Hospital Zirakpur, our Dialysis Department stands as a beacon of hope and support for individuals battling kidney failure. We offer advanced dialysis services, compassionate care, and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal renal care for our patients.

Services Offered

Hemodialysis: Our department provides hemodialysis, a process that involves filtering waste and excess fluid from the blood using a dialysis machine, ensuring effective removal of toxins for patients with kidney failure.

Peritoneal Dialysis: We offer peritoneal dialysis, a home-based or hospital-assisted procedure that involves using the peritoneum’s lining in the abdomen to filter waste and excess fluids, providing flexibility and convenience for suitable patients.

Comprehensive Monitoring: Our skilled nephrology team closely monitors patients during dialysis sessions, ensuring safety and efficacy throughout the procedure.

Vascular Access Management: We specialize in the care and maintenance of vascular access for dialysis, including arteriovenous fistulas, grafts, and central venous catheters, optimizing access for successful dialysis treatments.

Individualized Care: Every patient’s dialysis regimen is tailored to their specific needs, considering factors such as health status, lifestyle, and underlying conditions, ensuring personalized and effective treatment.

Nutritional Support: Our team provides nutritional counseling and guidance to support patients undergoing dialysis, helping them manage dietary restrictions and maintain overall health.

Patient Education: We prioritize patient education, empowering individuals and their families with information on kidney health, dialysis procedures, and self-care techniques to manage their condition effectively.

The range of medical facilities includes the following:

  • Modern Haemodialysis Machines
  • Multi Filtered RO plant
  • High-End Vital Monitoring Equipment
  • CRRT Unit
  • Isolation Haemodialysis Facility
  • Highly Skilled and Trained Dialysis Technicians & Nurses

The scope of services includes the following:

  • Treatment of Kidney Failure by biopsy
  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Tunnelled Catheters (Perm Cath)
  • Untunneled Dialysis Catheters
  • Renal Angiography & Angioplasty
  • Critical Care Nephrology
  • Plasma Pheresis
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  • Sustained low-efficiency dialysis (SLED)
  • Slowing Kidney Failure Progressio
  • BP Management & Diabetes Control – Reversing Serum
  • Creatinine levels thereby slowing diabetic nephrology
  • Kidney Biopsy
  • Ultra-Modern RO Plant

Our Commitment to Renal Wellness

At JP Hospital Zirakpur’s Dialysis Department, we recognize the challenges individuals face with kidney failure. Our commitment lies in providing not just dialysis but comprehensive support, combining expertise, empathy, and patient-centered care.

Trust our Dialysis Department—a cornerstone of renal care and support—to be your partner in the journey towards improved kidney health and a better quality of life.

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