Dentistry is a branch of medicine that focuses on evaluation, diagnosis & treatment of various diseases & conditions in children & adult of oral dental & maxillofacial are & replacement of lost dental tissues (tooth & its supporting structures).

This branch also deals in prevention of various dental disease and anomalies in children & adult by a dental surgeon.

Dr. Abhishek has completed bachelor in dental surgery (BDS) in 2006 from Rajiv Gandhi university of health science, being along with one year of internship at Govt. dental college & Hospital, PGIMS, Rohtak.

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Dr. Manisha Sharma did her graduation from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences and Research in the year 2011-2016 and was academically awarded in the branch of pedodontics.

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MONDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
TUESDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
WEDNESDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
THURSDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
FRIDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
SATURDAY 09:30AM-03:00PM & 04:00PM-06:30PM
  1. Diagnosis and treatment of Oral and Dental Diseases and Conditions.
  2. Tooth Restoration (fillings) tooth colored long life.
  3. Root Canal Treatment
  4. Smile Designing along with Cosmetic Face Upliftment
    — Dental Veneers
    — Teeth Whitening
    — Gum Depigmentation
  5. Dental Crowns
    — PFM Crowns
    — Metal Free Crowns (Zirconia)
    — Gold Plated Crowns
  6. Grown & bridges for Replacement of lost or Diseased Teeth
    — PFM Crowns & Bridge.
    — Metal Free Crowns & Bridge ( Zirconia )
    — Cantilever Crown & Bridge.
  7. Dental Implants
    — Implant Supported Crown Bridge.
    — Full Mouth Rehabilitation with implant supported completed fixed Denture.
  8. Removable Acrylic Denture
    — Partial Denture for few missing Teeth.
    –Completed Denture for replacement of all teeth.
  9. Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries
    — Post & Core buildup.
  10. Management & treatment of Jaw Fractures & Facial Injuries.
  11. Surgical & Non Surgical Tooth Extractions
    — Removal of Impacted Tooth.
  12. Treatment of Gum & Oeriodontal Tissues
    –Oral Prophylaxis –Scaling & Polishing.
    — Curettage
    — Periodontal Surgeries.
  13. Orthodontic treatment of Malaligned & Crowded Teeth.
    — Metal Braces
    — Lingual Colored Braces (Ceramic ).
    — Invisible Aligners (Clear Aligners)
  14. Pediatric Dental Treatment.
    — Child Counseling & Diet Modification.
    — Child Counseling & Diet Modification.
    — Habit Breaking Appliances.
    — Pit & Fissure Sealants with Fluoride Application.
    — Correction 0f various Dental Disorders.