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Dr Jaswinder Saini

Dr Jaswinder Saini has worked in the field of Neonatology, Pediatrics and intensive care since 13yrs, after completing his residency in Paediatrics, he joined as a consultant in Paediatrics. He developed interest in handling critically ill newborns and pediatric patients.

He later completed his fellowship in Neonatology under the auspices of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. He also worked as a Pediatric Intensivist in Level 3 PICU. He has excellent hands-on experience of various ventilators including high frequency and inhaled Nitric oxide treatment. He is also certified to perform Neonatal point of care ultrasounds. He has experience of handling critically ill pediatric patients in various hospitals in different cities of the country. Dr Jaswinder Saini has worked with different reputed hospitals including JP Hospital (ZRK), Children’s Hospital (PKL, Now Cloudnine), Colors Children Hospital & Oasis Nursing Home (Nagpur), Cloudnine (Jayanagar, Bangalore) Sohana Hospital (Mohali) which gave him an immense experience and makes him a perfect care provider with in-depth Knowledge.

He has vast experience of handling OPD, Inpatient (IPD) and ICU (NICU & PICU) and is currently attached to JP Hospital as well. He is trained to handle extremely sick Premature babies from 26wks/600gms. He also takes special care in handling OPD patients, and provide a comprehensive plan for their growth, Development vaccination, feeding, environmental and behavioral modification.


Dr Jaswinder Saini

Consultant Pediatrics and Neonatologist

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