This speciality deals with the diagnosis and treatment (both conservative and surgical) of Ear, Nose and throat diseases. Common ENT problems like ear discharge, perforation in ear drum, wax in ears, hearing loss, vertigo, nasal allergy and discharge, nasal blockade due to nasal polyps, deviated septum, sinusitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness of Voice, neck swellings, thyroid tumours, head and neck tumours ,

OSA etc are treated with precision and care. We have the facility of an advanced operation theater and well established lite support systems in our hospital where all types of ENT surgeries and procedure are being performed to provide best care to the patients.

Dr. Sushmita Gupta is one of the finest ENT surgeons in Tricity. She has garnered numerous accolades and vast experience from elite institutes of this region. She has been trained from the prestigious institute of Indira Gandhi Medical College(Shimla) and has worked in various institutes of repute in tricity and now we are proud to have her here with us.

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Dr.PC Singla as Completed his MBBS From Government medical college Patiala. He has done his Post Graduation in ENT from Government Medical College Patiala.

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MONDAY 09:30AM-01:30PM
TUESDAY 09:30AM-01:30PM
THURSDAY 09:30AM-01:30PM
FRIDAY 09:30AM-01:30PM
  1. Ear Infections & Diseases
  2. Nasal Allergy
  3. Nasal Polyp
  4. Sinusitis
  5. Epistaxis
  6. Laryngeal Nodule & Polyp
  7. Adenoids & Tonsil Infection
  8. Thyroid Nodule And Cancer
  9. Head & Neck Tumor
  10. Sleep Apnea
  11. Vertigo
  13. Tympanoplasty
  14. Mastoidectomy
  15. Septoplasty
  16. FESS
  17. Adenoidectomy
  18. Tonsillectomy
  19. Thyroid Surgery
  20. Parotid Surgery
  21. Microlaryngeal Surgery
  22. Septal Abscess Management
  23. Management of Head & Neck Cancer